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CONTACT: Roger Baker, 12 Burwood Grove, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9DS
Tel: 02392 462005     E-mail: trails@bwf-ivv.org.uk

ENTRY FEE: £1.50 per walker (Cheques payable to BWF)
AWARD: Cloth Badge at £2.50 each.
START VENUE: Seven Meadows Car Park (The Stratford Greenway), Seven Meadows Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Sat Nav Code CV37 6GR To start from railway station, leave station & at road turn left to join route at * between question 3 & 4.
COACH & CAR PARKING: There is ample Car Parking at Seven Meadows Car Park at  £2.00 for four hours. Coach Parking only by prior arrangement.
REFRESHMENTS: At the start and on the route.

     ROUTE DESCRIPTION (Updated 14th June 2021)

Facing the car park entrance / exit, turn left & follow the cycleway to road (Wetherby Way). Turn left after 20m cross road & go ahead through barriers down steps & continue straight ahead. At road junction, turn right & follow road bearing right, then left to stay parallel with main road on right. As road turns left, turn right onto footpath to pass under bridge.

Q1 - What is the name of this bridge?   

Continue ahead & after approx. 100m turn right to cross road using pedestrian crossing, then turn left to roundabout. Go ahead to cross over road onto cycleway number 5 (Summerton Way). After approx. 150m, turn left through the staggered barriers onto footpath. Follow footpath ahead, crossing 3 roads to reach park. Go ahead & after approx. 100m take left hand fork & follow to road. Turn right on road, then turn left into Quineys Road. At t-junction at end of road, turn right into Hathaway Lane (no name visable) and cross to the left hand side of road. At t-junction turn left.

Q2 - What is the name of the first house on the left?   

Continue on road passing The Bell PH on right & go ahead to mini-roundabout. Cross straight over & immediately turn left up steps. Follow footpath, crossing over footbridge to reach road. If this footpath is closed due to Covid continue on Cottage Lane Turn right on road passing Anne Hathaway’s Cottage on left. Follow road for approx. 200m & with ‘The Tryst House’ on left, turn right onto footpath by telegraph pole. Follow footpath to reach house number 20 on left.

Q3 - According to the sign, what is the penalty if the gate is left open?   

Continue on footpath and at the end, turn right on road. At the mini-roundabout turn left into Bell Lane. At bend in road, do not follow road round to right, but bear left into Tavern Lane. At the next bend, go straight ahead on the footpath between the houses towards ‘Stratford’ and ‘Shakespeare’s Birthplace’. Follow enclosed footpath & at footpath junction, go ahead to reach large playing field. Turn left & follow footpath along left hand side of playing field before crossing wooden bridge to reach road. Turn left & immediately turn right onto Cycleway 5 (next to house number 40). After approx. 200m, take left fork and leave the cycleway. Follow enclosed footpath & at path junction bear left to go along back of houses to reach road (opposite ‘Rother House Medical Centre’). * ALTERNATIVE START

Turn right & at first set of traffic lights go straight ahead, crossing to left hand pavement when safe to do so. At next set of traffic lights turn left into Windsor Street. Take the next turning right into Henley Street.

Q4 - When was the statue unveiled?   

Follow Henley Street to reach roundabout. Go ahead into Bridge Street, crossing to right hand pavement, then continue ahead over river bridge passing Pen and Parchment Pub on left. Pass memorial on right, then bear right on footpath to right of Cox’s Yard. Go ahead on footpath to cross river. Continue to follow footpath to reach road. Turn left on road.

Q5 - What is the name of the car park on the left?

Follow road to t-junction. Go ahead to cross road (WITH CARE), then turn left to cross back over river. At end of bridge, bear right on footpath across grassed area. At road, bear left, then right to follow road passing car park on left and Stratford Leisure Centre on right. Go round left hand bend & at t-junction go ahead to cross road by Windsor Court & turn right into Warwick Road. After approx. 35m bear left & follow road with church on right. Cross Rowley Crescent & continue to follow road ahead.

Q6 - Just before road turns left, there is a bench on the right - in who's memory?  

Continue to follow road into Benson Road & follow to t-junction. Turn left into Maidenhead Road. Follow road for approx. 500m & just after Summer Court, turn left down steps onto canal towpath. Follow towpath with canal on right to pass under Bridge 68. Bear left up slope to cross canal, then continue ahead on towpath with canal now on left. Go under Bridge 69 to emerge on Waterside,

Keep straight ahead towards the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Swan Fountain. At the fountain, turn right & go ahead to cross the road into Sheep Street. Follow road & at t-junction by the Town Hall, turn left into Chapel Street. Continue straight ahead into Church Street & at the end, turn left into Old Town. Follow road & as it turns right, go ahead through gates to enter Holy Trinity Churchyard. At church, bear right on footpath keeping church on left. Go ahead to exit churchyard into Mill Lane (opposite ‘ Avonfield’). Go ahead following road to pass ‘Lucy’s Mill’ onto footpath. At river, turn right to pass under road bridge (if the river is in flood, see ** below for alternative route), then bear right on footpath and follow with road on right. At footpath fork, turn right to return to the car park.

(** If river is in flood, retrace the route back to the church, then bear left to t-junction. Go ahead into College Lane & at cross roads turn left. Follow road & just before Avonmeadow Close, turn right through bollards onto footpath. At end of footpath go ahead on road to reach roundabout. Bear left, then go ahead to cross road (WITH CARE), then bear right to return to car park.)

When you have completed this trail please use the Permanent Trail Entry Form

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.  

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